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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ceiling Design Ideas

Regardless of whether dividers are finished with backdrop, wood or paint, every room has its fifth component – the roof. Roofs don’t generally need to be white, you can utilize imagination for your roof too.

You can utilize the accompanying thoughts.

1. Framing with Wood Strips

Roof boards are not shiny new in outline. Be that as it may, wooden boards are a significant late pattern! Utilizing other timber and structures would tackle the antiquated pine-framing of the eighties.

2. Uncovered Wooden Structures

For this situation innovativeness artistic goes up to the roof. The uncovered wooden structures, leaving the dark paint, look especially well, and the room looks high. A couple tips: roof shafts or sheets can likewise be utilized as a decoration. For instance, if your room looks sufficiently long, yet not wide – lay the sheets across to make the room look more extensive, and the other way around.

3. Solid Ceiling

Do you like modern style, yet without chilly solid floor and dividers? At that point you can attempt it with a roof. You can make it concrete by either just uncovering a current building material, or by utilizing the connected solid mortar.

Tips: you can utilize the parquet floor and wooden furniture to relax the strict Industrial plan and make it cozier.

4. Ceiling of Wooden Sections

A good example of such an artistic design would be an eclectic room in Paris by interior designer Fabrice Ausset. He created an artistic installation in his own apartment by placing 1700 pieces of wood and on the ceiling painting them white.

5. Tiled Ceiling

So called tin ceilings, paneled with decorative tiles, remind of a very popular North American decor of late 1930-ies, a cheap imitation of elaborate European stucco ceilings.

Now, the tin tiles are rediscovered by many Interior designers, and shiny metallic look of the tin tiled ceiling is especially trendy.

6. “Dancing” Ceiling

A great example of such a ceiling was designed by Fiona Winzar. The floor in a plain walnut color and walls of naked brick create a great combination with an avant-garde zig-zag ceiling. Large composite wood panels, painted black and white, add dynamics to the space.

7. Stucco

Elegant and timelessly beautiful ceilings are the ones decorated with stucco. All those who enjoy an old-fashioned design, can finish the new building with stucco elements. Stucco rosettes, moldings and other stucco finishing elements can be found in professional stores.

8. Ceiling in Wallpaper

Wallpaper… What would it look like if you bring wallpaper to the ceiling? Graphic patterns, flowers, meadows or wild zig-zag would come up from the walls to the ceiling. The reward is a feeling of a special kind. As an example, look at the project, designed by a pattern-loving Interior designer Greg Natale.

Tips: to prevent low ceilings, you should choose wallpaper of rather light colors. Dark colors press spaces visually. Elongated pattern make the room look larger, cross-current pattern will widen narrow spaces.

9. Brush Strokes on the Ceiling

It is even easier to put some colorful paint on your ceiling instead of wallpaper. With a proper use of colors and patterns, you can not only enlarge the room visually, but also resize, give it a cheerful mood, make it cozier. For example, a bright yellow-painted ceiling will add a warm sunny accent into a room with cool concrete walls.

10. Ceiling, Black as the Night

If you already decided to paint your ceiling – why not choose black or deep blue color? Very high rooms will fit perfectly good. Ceiling, painted under the molding, will significantly widen the space visually.

11. Ceiling with a Beam Pattern

Designer Erin Williamson combined two colors in this already famous Mid-century beam pattern.

Tips: to bring a similar look to your ceiling, draw the desired lines with a pencil and then attach the tapping along the lines. Caution: because the tapping seldom lies flat, it must be smoothed carefully. Nevertheless, the paint may run underneath and get to the edges. To avoid this, you should cover the tapping transition with the lighter ground color, and only afterwards paint the fields with the desired color.

12. Canopy Ceiling

You can create an exciting ceiling design even with a few pieces of fabric. A drapery, or a “starry sky” will give your ceiling a three-dimensional structure. To create such an effect, gather the fabric in the form of wrinkles or tie it together. This way you can also hide all the lighting cables.

Whether you choose modern wood panels, tin tiles, or a colored paint, by means of a right ceiling design, you can transform any room into a work of art. You only need to believe in it!

Things to Look For in Duplex House Plans

Among various house arranges, the duplex houses are picking up prominence everywhere throughout the world in light of the comforts they offer. Duplex house arranges come as lodges and flats. While the homes can be of two sorts; you can browse two homes that are totally separate from each other and another assortment, in which a typical divider isolates the two cottages.

Duplex house arrangements are intentionally manufactured that way, with the goal that it can be utilized by two distinct families. While the proprietor can remain in one a player in the house, the other part can be utilized as a visitor room. Once more, if there are two proprietors, them two can live in their own particular parts in a duplex home.

It was since the most recent century that duplex homes turned out to be extremely prevalent. Today, these homes can be found in every one of the urban areas. On the off chance that you are wanting to bring occupants on the opposite side of your duplex home, you can continually screen them and become acquainted with each other well. Along these lines, you can make sure that occupants will care more for your property and pay their rents on time. Additionally, at whatever point there emerges any support issues, you require not jump into your auto and go for property assessment. You are dependably there to investigate the issues.

Not only is a duplex home beneficial for this, you can also stay in close touch with the other family, who can be your close relative and enjoy each other’s company while ensuring the privacy as well.

Since duplex homes are designed for living of two different families, likes and dislikes of both the families are taken into consideration. So, equal consideration is given while designing both the sides. Each of the sides of a duplex home must have the same facilities, equal area and thus both needs to have balconies, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

While looking into the different duplex house plans, you need to ensure that maximum privacy is maintained on both the sides. To ensure privacy, thick wall is constructed dividing the two sides, as this will ensure that sounds from one side of the house are not traveling to the other side. Halls in a duplex home must be away from each other. To ensure this, you can have two entrances on two sides. However, the entrance should be on the front or on the sides of both of the houses.

While looking into the duplex house plans, you need to ensure that toilets and bathrooms of both the sides lie close to each other. This ensures that bad smell is not diffusing to the other rooms.

People like to have sunlight come into their homes. If you are also one among those who like a naturally bright home, make sure the rooms are positioned such that sunlight enters into all of them.

So, consider the abovementioned aspects while looking for a suitable duplex house plan and choose the one that suits your criteria well.


Great Decorating Ideas

Many people have the inclination that brightening their homes is regularly an exceptionally troublesome work concentrated action. This is however not the situation as enriching the house in real sense, should be an unwinding and fun movement as you can apply your inventiveness and creative ability in changing your home into an astounding spot from a place that was once in the past dull. Doing home improvement does not generally need to include an expert, despite the fact that having an expert around could make it less demanding, all the more intriguing and the last outcome more wonderful. You can however actualize business inside plan thoughts as you can get awesome thoughts from these inside designing thoughts for your home. Here are however 3 astounding improving thoughts that would make your home magnificent.

Glass display cabinet

A great interior decoration concept you can implement for your home is to use a vitrine or any other glass display cabinet and placed in a part of the room.There are various shapes and colors of glass cabinet display that you can choose from. The corner of the room is a perfect place to place your glass display where contemporary or vintage items of artwork can be placed. There are many places you can get a nice glass display cabinet at an affordable price, including on the Internet. You can also get nice objects for decorations and wine glasses to place in the vitrine. This would give an awesome look for your home.

Silk flowers and artificial plants

The use of silk flowers and artificial plants is another great interior decorating idea you can implement for your home. You can get silk flowers and artificial plants whose style and color matches with the room and the environment you want to place it in. The silk flowers and artificial plants would aid in adding beauty and color to the house. There are several commercial interior design ideas you can get from magazines and on the Internet you can check to get ideas of how to get them. Artificial plants or silk flowers can be kept in a variety of places including table tops and the floor.

Stylish cushions

You can get stylish cushions and various shapes that can add more beauty to your house so that it looks comfortable and elegant. You can use the decorative pillows and cushions on the chairs in the room so as to enhance their charm and color. You can consider picking cushions whose colors are very bright and vivid such as yellow or red. It is however, vital that the color also matches with the remaining style and design. Contrast is also a nice way of bringing out the beauty in the house. Carefully placing items whose structure and shades are contrasting can also bring out the beauty in the house. The use of cushions in such a way that they contrast with the look of the house is also a very great way of enhancing the look of the room.